Layering Light: Acrylic Pouring Techniques

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Length: 01:21:33

Painting Instruction from Bette Ridgeway

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Layering Light Painting Techniques by Bette Ridgeway
*** PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO INSTRUCTION SUBSCRIPTION PROGRAM HAS CLOSED TO NEW SUBSCRIBERS EFFECTIVE FEB 10, 2022. Artist Bette Ridgeway has made an instructional video of her award-winning pouring technique, The viewer will see two separate paintings...


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Explore this exciting and innovative pouring technique - developed over 25 years of this acclaimed artist's career. In this 90-minute video, Ridgeway completes two separate paintings, in real time - start to finish. She also shares a look at other paintings in her studio, a reading list and other relevant material. This is a must-see for serious artists and art students wishing to expand their knowledge base...and have some seriously wonderful experiences while doing so. Visit the artist's website for more info: